Gong Baths

Gong Baths for individuals or small groups can be booked directly with Candice. A booking will include a brief introduction to Gong work and what the participants can expect, followed by a Gong Bath for up to 30 minutes.

Candice is offering “Family and Friend Gong Baths” in the Richmond and surrounding area. Family and Friend gong baths can be really transformative at any time. This can be provided in the home, if there is an indoor space suitable for the household to comfortably lie down around the gong for up to 6 people, space allowing. Alternatively The Yoga Bar, Twickenham or an alternative local venue can be booked, at a convenient time for the family to attend. Contact Candice for more information and details.

Family and Friend Group gong bath prices:

Individual gong baths are £45.00 for a 45 minute gong bath experience.

1-2 person gong bath: £90.00

3-6 people £120.00

7-20 people £150.00

21-30 people £180.00

Yoga Practitioners can also book Candice to attend an extended yoga event to deliver a gong bath as part of the deeper relaxation at the end of a class. Please contact Candice for details.