Sound Healing

journey… clear the way… transform…

cleanse. mind, body & soul

Clearing away old energy allows space to be created for the new. Our minds, too can become cluttered. A gong bath provides cleansing on the energetic level, which permeates every aspect of our mind and body, helping to return our mind into a greater state of clarity.


Gong work can bring elements to the surface, from our subconscious mind, to aid our development, self-understanding and healing. Looking at and processing our own patterns of behaviour is an important step in our advancement.

pause. find stillness within

Stillness in times of over-stimulation and busy-ness provides the essential space for recalibration and processing. Recipients may like to set an intention before a gong bath to enhance further their experience.


Certain frequencies of harmonious sound activates the production of serotonin by the pineal gland, located at the point of the “third eye” or 6th Chakra. Too little serotonin is linked to depression and too much can be linked to feelings of euphoria. Gong Baths can stimulate connection, being in balance, coming home.

”From a place of loving stillness.”

The gong has the power to still the mind. It has been likened to the experience of meditation. As a practice meditation requires discipline and dedication, and mindfulness is becoming more and more essential to our lives. For the recipient of the gong bath, the brain waves are brought into a Theta state, a state which occurs naturally during meditation. Theta Brain waves are associated with imagination, emotional connection, reflection and intuition. These are stimulated through the sound vibration of the gong.

Candice is a Musician and Homeopathic Practitioner. Through Sound Quest Candice provides a space for the individual to experience the healing power of the Gong.

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Corporate Gong Bath experiences available .

New & Full Moon Gong Baths at The Yoga Bar, Twickenham

Individual & Group Gong Baths by arrangement

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