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Yoga, Meditation, Cacao Ceremony & Gong Bath

2024 – Winter Gathering Return to the Centre

Eel Pie Island, Thames at Twickenham

Hosted by Nadia Raafat with Candice Joyce

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Saturday 13th January 2pm -6pm

Eel Pie Island

Start the New Year with gong facilitator and yogini Candice Joyce and myself, Nadia Raafat on beautiful Eel Pie Island for yoga and meditation, a cacao ceremony and a heavenly gong bath experience to close.

In these uncertain easily distracted times, it becomes more important than ever to have a centre to return to within ourselves’ to remember who we are and what we are here to do.

In this workshop, Nadia and Candice will take you on a journey through the body, exploring structural centres, and experiencing layers of centre carried by the breath, and visualisation to that place within ourselves we experience as home.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to come together with old friends, make new ones, connect with ourselves and each other and remember our unity and community at the start of the new year.



Meeting 2020 with Clarity.

Sound Quest is my new adventure. I am synchronising a love for the healing practice of homeopathy which has been my journey since 2000, and a love of creating music by bringing the experience of the Gong to you to enhance your development, improvement, healing and self-awareness. I offer individual or group Gong Baths with the beautiful tone of a 22″ Paiste Symphonic gong, singing bowls plus other sacred instruments. Gong baths are a wonderful way to experience the healing power of sound wave vibrations to recalibrate the mind and body to help you to be your optimum self.